Do you want to donate objects, archives or pictures?

The Kiviks Museum & Archive foundation is happy to receive archives and images from associations, companies and private individuals in the entire Kivik area. We accept items subject to space.

Everything we receive must have a clear connection to Kiviksbygden, i.e. Kivik, Södra Mellby, Ravlunda, Vitaby and Vitemölle.

As a rule, the foundation does not accept deposits. We do not pay to receive museum objects, as this is against international museum ethics. Whoever donates objects, images or archives must own them and sign an agreement on transfer without reservation. However, research reservations can be made regarding images and archives regarding how these may be handled by the Museum and who may possibly research them.

You can read the whole springPolicy for the acquisition, handling, care and thinning of archives, photographs and objects at Kiviks Museum.

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