Roman camp sites in Österlen

Roman camp sites in Österlen.

In collaboration with the Roma Culture Center in Malmö and the Regional Museum in Kristianstad, Kiviks Museum has run the project Roma camp sites during 2016-2017. Kiviks Museum has been responsible for collecting and documenting stories and pictures from the local population in Österlen about encounters with Roma during the 20th century, both positive and negative memories.

The project resulted in an exhibition at the Kiviks Museum in 2017 about Roma camp sites in Österlen and a lecture on the history of the Roma in Sweden. See the exhibitionRoman camp sites in Österlen. For material for the exhibition, we saythanks to.

Before 2018, Kiviks Museum received a grant from the National Antiquities Authority to continue the collection and documentation work through the Storytelling Circle project at Kivik and its surroundings. The project continues and if you have pictures and/or stories from meetings with Roma in Österlen, you are welcome to contact the Kiviks Museum.

In collaboration with the Roma Cultural Center and the Regional Museum, a memorial site for the history of the Roma has been created in 2018 at Kivik's market field. If you are curious about the place and the stories, Kiviks Museum arrangesguided walksto this memorial site. Welcome with a booking!