Culture as a driving force for sustainable development

Culture-driven rural development with methods and concrete examples!

The Kiviks Museum & Archives Foundation participated in the National Antiquities Authority's webinar during the Countryside Week in May 2023. You can watch the webinar which was about the power of cultural heritage to attract people to the countrysidehere.

The Center for Applied Cultural Heritage Research at Stiftelsen Kiviks Museum & Arkiv, Mittuniversitetet, Mötesplats Steneby and the Network for Critical Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies (NKKM) conducted a webinar on Wednesday 3 May 2023 on the theme of culture as a driving force for sustainable development and the role of museums and archives as cultural, ecological and social sustainability ambassadors. All three organizations presented their own ongoing work, methods and research in culture-driven sustainable development during the well-attended webinar.

The webinar was part of the nationwide Rural Development Week, which was carried out on 2-7 May by the Agency for Growth, SLU and the Rural Development Network, and was aimed at the interested public, rural developers, cultural heritage actors, museums, archives, tourist destinations, etc.

During the webinar, Kiviks Museum and Mötesplats Steneby took the initiative to build a network for an upcoming pilot project for the development of scalable methods for culture-driven rural development. The invitation is aimed at smaller organizations in rural areas that work with culture as a driving force for sustainable development in practice. The project will result in a research and method development project, where we want to scale up methods for long-term sustainable, culture-driven rural development in cluster areas around the country.

Read more about the project and the announcement in ourOpen call.

Do you want to join the project?

Send your application to stiftelsen[at]

Everyone is welcome to this nationally important discussion!

Thematic areas affected:

Local economy
Civil society
Sustainable Development

Environment, climate and energy

Community planning and infrastructure

Tourism and hospitality industry

Contact persons:

Dafvid Hermansson, Museum Director stiftelsen[at]

Anders Lindgren, Operations Manager at Mötesplats Steneby anders[at]


The Kiviks Museum & Archive Foundationworks locally, regionally, nationally and internationally with research in intangible cultural heritage, sustainability, resilience and tourism. Kiviks Museum is Scandinavia's only accredited museum in UNESCO's research group and in the UN's global sustainability network, SDSN.

Meeting place Stenebyin Dalsland works with culture-driven sustainable community development on behalf of the Västra Götaland region, in close collaboration with HDK Valand at the University of Gothenburg. Together with Kiviks Museum, they are working on finding scalable methods for culture-driven rural development in other cluster areas.

The Network for Critical Heritage and Museum Studiesat Mittuniversitetet brings together researchers and cultural heritage actors. The network conducts projects and research on cultural heritage in the broadest sense.